Kh Prey Veng


Kh Prey Veng

Font Family name:Kh Prey Veng
Font Subfamily name:Regular
Unique font identifier:Kh Prey Veng:Version 1.00
Font full name:Kh Prey Veng
Version:Version 1.00 April 10, 2010, initial release
Postscript name:KhPreyVeng
Description:This font is designed for the sake of everyone whether to use for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I, personally, encourage all Cambodians to try to use Khmer Unicode with the aim to promote Khmer.

Designer:Mao Piseth
License description:Free for all
License information
Copyright notice:© MPSINFO 2010. All Rights Reserved


Technology: OpenType
Number of glyphs: 757
Date created: 04-04-2008 15:04:05
Date modified: 17-04-2010 21:04:21
File Size: 289.1KB (296028 bytes)

Source: Piseth's diary

Basic Latin


Latin-1 Supplement


Greek and Coptic




General Punctuation


Geometric Shapes