Kinryu - karasu27


Kinryu - karasu27

Font Family name:Kinryu
Font Subfamily name:Regular
Unique font identifier:Kinryu - karasu27
Font full name:Kinryu - karasu27
Version:Kinryu - karasu27
Postscript name:Kinryu
Description:This font is a version that has been issued on December 25th, 2010.
This font has errors, so use it at your own discretion only.
All rights reserved.

Copyright notice:©2011 Peter Specht. All rights reserved.
Trademark:©2011 Peter Specht. All rights reserved.


Number of glyphs: 25957
Date created: 02-01-2008 15:01:47
Date modified: 30-06-2011 16:06:21
File Size: 6.4MB (6748156 bytes)

Source: abstract fonts

This font has too many characters for displaying them all. Here are the khmer ones.



UnicodeFont nameVersionLast modified
Laurier_No7Version 1.00 January 2, 2008, initial release|Final. September 2nd, 200902-09-2009 22:09:04
Kinryu_No8Kinryu_No8_Oct_10_2009|October 10th, 2009.10-10-2009 23:10:08
Kinryu_No14Kinryu_No14|October 21st, 200921-10-2009 18:10:52
Kinryu - karasu27Kinryu - karasu2730-06-2011 16:06:21
Kinryu - karasu27