Kh Baphnom_Limon S3


Kh Baphnom_Limon S3

Font Family name:Kh Baphnom_Limon S3
Font Subfamily name:Regular
Unique font identifier:MENG Socheath: Kh Baphnom_Limon S3: 2015
Font full name:Kh Baphnom_Limon S3
Version:2.30 November 20, 2015, initial release
Postscript name:KhBaphnom_LimonS3
Preferred Family:Kh Baphnom_Limon S3
Preferred Subfamily:Regular
Compatible Full Name:Kh Baphnom_Limon S3
PostScript CID findfont name:Kh Baphnom_Limon S3
Description:This Limon S3 Khmer font was Generated by Sath SokhaMony & Chhit WornNarith (Limon Group) in April 09 11:23:33 1994.
And Reestablished to Khmer Unicode by Mr. MENG Socheath in May 01, 2015.
Sample text:<mac> Baphnom's My Homeland
<win> បាភ្នំស្រុកកំណើតខ្ញុំ

Manufacturer Name:<mac> New Edition by MENG Socheath
<win> New Edition by MENG Socheath
Designer:New Edition by MENG Socheath (November 20, 2015)
URL Designer:
URL Vendor:
License description:
License information URL:
Copyright notice:
Trademark:Kh Baphnom Unicode Font is a trademark of Mr. MENG Socheath.


Technologies: OpenType / AAT
Number of glyphs: 993
Date created: 20-11-2015 03:11:56
Date modified: 20-01-2016 07:01:04
File Size: 337.1KB (345240 bytes)

Source: អក្សរ​ខ្មែរ

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