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These scripts use PyQt4 and therefore need to be loaded as Extension Script.

Run as Extension Script

If you don't see that option in your "Run Script" dialog, you need to activate the option in File->Preferences->Scripter.

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This script allows you to import Pantone colors into Scribus.

If you run it as standalone (or within Scribus < 1.5 but it doesn't really make sense), it lets you save Pantone's palettes in your Scribus Color Sets.

From within Scribus 1.5, it features importing individual colors to the current document. It's limited to version 1.5 because earlier versions don't allow defining RGB colors, which is how color data are made available (with Lab, of course) for most of Pantone's palettes.

Pantone - Guides Pantone - Colors

Download v0.2

0.1: original release
0.2: fixed Windows "Application Data" folder definition
added a filter for color names

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